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S is for Shell(e)y

You will have to take our word that this is a genuine Maling plate - which someone has lovingly covered in shells. No, we don't get it either.

It appeared in a recent (2012) edition of the BBC's "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" - a show in which antiques experts buy and sell to raise money for charity.

Having been shown the plate, and knowing he was in the North East, James Braxton had a moment of inspiration, saying: "so Maling was on the River Tyne, was it?".

Looks like we have a little more work to do in spreading the word to make Maling as famous as other potteries - e.g. Shelley. (Excuse the gag. We're serious about what we say, but we don't feel we have to be pompous. The A to Z is where we step out of the schoolroom and into the playground.)

If you want a formal A to Z, see newsletter 40.

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