A to Z Anthology - Second Helpings

As the Society no longer produces newsletters, we will post items of interest here.


Potage prepared and served by
- David Holmes (your Chef de Cuisine) -
- David Johnson (your Maitre D') -
Bon appetit!
New items are added under Potage à Trois.

M is for Minimalism F is for Fairy Folk Q is for Queries S is for Star
H is for Harrods N is for Names
and Numbers
R is for Recycling D is for Dogs
F is for Fags
and Flies
C is for Cafe
and Catalogues
T is for Tennis
and Telly
A is for Amateurs
P is for Pheasants
and other phings
T is for Time, Toddlers
and Theo
W is for Wotever M is for Mystery
R is for Royalty
on Rails
S is for Strikes H is for Handle
(with care)
P is for Punts, Pits
and Plates


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