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V is for Variations on a Theme

Many of you will have walked past a stall at an antiques fair and, a few seconds later, the alarm bells in your head start to ring. You saw something, but didn't really look at it. That's the experience of a correspondent who writes:

"I passed this by as an ordinary "Flight" plaque until a second look revealed six birds and hardly any scenery. The impressed date is 1933. Can you tell me any more about it?"

Hang on! Now our alarm bells are ringing. "Flight" was designed by Norman Carling, who didn't join Maling until 1935. Either he had a time machine, or that date has been misread. Back to our correspondent who took a closer look and decided the date was 1938. Phew! The fabric of the universe is still intact.

Having waved our sonic screwdriver, we turn to the pics, which show a couple of plaques. Why these variations? No idea!

Our team is good, but sometimes we can't add to what's already on this site or in the books listed on our Links page. There are huge gaps in the list of pattern numbers and names, and dates can often only be approximations. Generations of paintresss can't be identified because we don't do seances! Enjoy your Maling, but don't get too obsessed with detail.

"So you stopped in your journey because I called, scenting something unusual, something droll.
Thus, although I am nothing, and even less, there is no one that sees me but lingers here.
Stranger, I am a law of the universe. Stranger, render the law what is due the law!" - James Branch Cabell

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