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T is for Teatime

There is a saying in the advertising world:

"If the client moans and sighs,
Make their logo twice the size.
If they still should prove refractory,
Show a picture of the factory.
But, only in the direst cases,
Show a picture of their faces."

To business and, in reverse order... These plates were made for the 1929 NE Coast Exhibition - a celebration of the region's industry and commerce. (Articles in newsletters 20 and onwards.) The most commonly-found examples have a portrait of Newcastle's Lord Mayor and Chairman of the Exhibition Comittee, Sir Arthur Lambert, at the bottom.

Ringtons tea company, with whom Maling had a long relationship, ordered two variations for their own use. This example shows, not exactly a factory, but the company's head office in Algernon Road. The mark does not seem to appear in reference books.

The third version shows - you guessed it - the Ringtons "RT" logo.

TMOE comments: "It is not known why these plaques (i.e. the Ringtons versions) were produced and they appear to be quite rare".

Articles on Ringtons begin in newsletter 41.

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