Maling history

1762-1817 - The early years

The factory was established at North Hylton, near Sunderland, in 1762. Some of the original buildings are believed to have been incorporated into farm buildings which now occupy the site.

The model below (courtesy of Sunderland Museum) shows what the site may have looked like.

Unfortunately, Maling did not mark their early wares, and we can only conjecture what they may have looked like. In all probability, they would have been similar to the wares produced by other Sunderland and North Eastern potteries at the time, with decoration either being painted on by hand or using transfers bought in from outside engravers.

We can, at least confirm the latter of these theories, as the record books of a contemporary local engraving company show that they were supplying Maling with transfers. As they supplied other local potteries with the same transfers, attributions are uncertain.

Because of this uncertainty, we cannot confidently illustrate Maling wares from this period. The pot pictures begin on the next page.


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