Maling history

1817-1853 - The Robert Maling years

In 1817, Robert Maling - one of the third generation of the family to be involved in the pottery business - moved from Sunderland to Newcastle, and set up a new pottery at the Ouseburn Bridge, just to the east of the present-day city centre. He began to mark pieces with his name.

Evidence suggests that the output was, again, similar to that of any other local pottery. The 'Prepare to Meet thy God' plaque employs the familiar pink 'Sunderland' lustre, while the dish is an example of the ubiquitous 'Willow' pattern which would continue to be a staple for Maling and many other factories for years to come.

Maling's quality control does not appear to have been particularly high at this time. The rim of the plaque has been smudged by a fingerprint, while the 'Willow' transfer has been torn during application. Both examples of damage appear at about the 9 o'clock position.

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