Maling history

1900-1910 - Cetem wares

CT Maling died in 1901, the same year as Queen Victoria. Maling produced items to mark the Queen's death, and the pictured plate displays many features of the factory's output at this time - notably the 'blush' aerographed background and the use of a colour transfer. Items made for the coronation of Edward VII were supplied by Maling to the famous Harrods store in London - an indication of the quality the factory was now able to achieve.

1908 saw the introduction of the new range of 'Cetem' Ware. (Cetem is, of course, a phonetic spelling of the initials CTM - CT Maling and Sons.) The name may have been introduced to distinguish these 'superior semi-porcelain' toilet and table wares from the packaging goods with which the name Maling had become associated. Again, these wares were ordered by the best stores in the country and many examples exist of pieces which have been marked not only with the 'Cetem' name but also the specific vendor. The Cetem 'Maltese' pattern pictured on the dinner plate received rave reviews in the pottery trade press. (To be strictly accurate, this design was registered in 1911.)

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