History index

This is a summary of the history pages and their key topics:

  • 1762-1817 The early years (factory established near Sunderland)
  • 1817-1853 The Robert Maling years (factory moves to Newcastle)
  • 1853-c1880 CT Maling (trade established with Keillers, two massive new potteries built)
  • The late 1880s Maling goes up-market (appointment of first named designer - Charles Miguet)
  • 1900-1910 Cetem wares (a new name for a new range of quality pottery)
  • 1910-1920 Black ground wares (some of the first truly distinctive Maling wares)
  • The 1920s Lucien Emile Boullemier (Maling's most famous and prolific designer)
  • 1929 The Ringtons connection (a major local event - the NE Coast Exhibition; and an important new customer)
  • The 1930s Art Deco extravagance (a strong design team keep Maling ware up with the best)
  • 1937 Premonitions of doom (Edward VIII's abdication, soon followed by WW2, impact badly on the business)
  • The 1940s Rescued from uncertainty (new owners - Hoults - invest to keep the business going)
  • The 1950s Playing it safe (old favourites return and fewer new patterns are produced)
  • The 1960s The end of an era (foreign competition and falling orders lead to closure)

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